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Company Philosophy and Vision

It's all about people

Successfully buying and selling real estate is mostly about fulfilling people's needs, dreams and aspirations. That's why Harcourts people not only receive in-depth professional training which has become recognised as the benchmark for the entire industry, but they are committed to building meaningful and genuine relationships with their clients. And the huge volume of referrals and repeat business that generates is proof that this combination works to everyone's satisfaction.

A totally consultative approach is what makes the Harcourts way of doing things so seamless. Trust, honesty and integrity remain the company's personal hallmarks. Add to those attributes an intimate knowledge of the local market and current property trends, a solid work ethic plus well-developed negotiation skills and you have the perfect recipe for success.


Harcourts Heloman vision is to be engaged in complete property selling activities, by supplying the different markets with full and effective property solutions.

A key feature of Harcourts Heloman will be its emphasis on very high quality of customer service and effective property buying and selling solutions, put together by highly qualified and experienced professionals, to maintain its competitive advantage.


From our company’s point of view our dream has always been to be dedicated to the property needs of the whole community.

We at Harcourts Heloman believe that with a healthy combination of practical solutions, the right economics and the best marketing strategy, the result will be satisfactory.

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